martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Carrot lemon juice

Today we bring you a different and delicious lemonade: the Carrot lemon juice! Lemonade are not just made with lemons, and we encourage you to try this one!
It's super healthy! Ideal for breakfast, for a morning or an afternoon snack, this drink  is perfect for this season of springtime!

It's known how healthy are carrots, and in our version we bring you today the carrots will be even healthier, because we do not cook them, preserving their nutritional richness.
Carrots are healthy for so many things that I don't even know where to start! They clean our liver, they help our immune system, help our skin, help keeping the correct levels of sugar in our blood, they brings lots of calcium (ideal for teeth or bones), helps with breast milk, it's a natural counter measure for acne and literally other thousands of things! And now that summertime is getting closer, helps us tanning faster! Start with carrot juice a couple of week before sunbathing, and you'll see how tanned you'll get! Yes, carrots are really helpful for a lot of things!


5 o 6 carrots
2 lemons
500 ml of water
Honey, you choose the how much (optional)


1º- Peel the carrots and the lemons.

2º- With a food processor, get the carrot and lemon juice. Add water and/or ice cubes, if you want a densier juice, then add less water.

3º- I usually drink it as it is, without adding any sweetener, but if you don't dig sour and the lemons you've choosen are actually sour, then I would advice you to add some sugar or some honey, according to your taste. I recommend for example sunflower honey, that can sweeten your juice with just a little amount of it. It's a very dense honey, but we can melt it easily warming it up a little bit. In this way, we would sweeten our juice in a much more natural way than we would using sugar. It's preferable to always choose the purest and the most ecological of all honeys. We can have also an orange juice, adding oranges instead of lemons, of course! ;).
Furthermore, adding lemon or oranges, we will retard the oxidation of the carrot juice.

This kind of juices or lemonades are really healthy, and it's very recommendable to change often the kind of fruit we choose, in order to have a larger variety of nutrients. The more coloured is our food, the best!


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