domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

Yogurt and soft fruits sorbet recipe

Today I'm gonna bring you an idea to enjoy a refreshing and healthy dessert. A yogurt ice cream, or, to say it better, a sorbet, ideal after the meal, for a snack or you name it without losing the irresistible charm that ice creams have! And furthermore, you can prepare it in a few minutes!

Soft fruits are generally composed by blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, redcurrants etc...
Each one of them has their own composition, but generally speaking each one of them has a huge amount of water in it (for strawberry, it's 90% of its weight!), they have no fats and we can say that not even proteins, while they have a huge amount of fibers, vitamines (mainly vitamin C), folic acid and minerals so important to our bodies as potassium, calcium, magnesium and they have few calories too!

One of their most important characteristics is that they're excellent antioxidants, and this means that they're essential to prevent cellular ageing, fighting against free radicals, helping us against illnesses like the cardio-vascular ones, cancers or digestive problems. They're excellent for hypocalorical diets, great to help us for urinary tract infections and they can regolarize our bowel movements and they prevents anemia too! What else can we ask to these little fruits that are as beautiful as tasty, with that sweet/acid taste that I adore! They're just a perfect companion for both sweet and salted!

Today we bring you a sort of "gelato" that is lighter because it has not all these calories typical of the gelato. To the soft fruits, I've added natural yogurt, to make it creamier and make it even healthier, but of course if you can't eat lactose, you can substitute it for soya yogurt for instance.


2 cups of frozen soft fruits
1 natural yogurt
1 drizzle of honey (optional)


We put the frozen soft fruits together with the yogurt and, if you want it to be sweetier, with the honey too in the food processor, of kitchen machine like Thermomix. We mix it all at maximum speed for some seconds, and I just say "some seconds" because if you mix it too much you'll have a smoothie, that's not bad for sure too! You decide! ;)
And...there you have it! Decorate it with some little fruits and enjoy it, it's tasty and healthy too!

Nom nom!

Note: This dessert is to be prepare and eaten fastly, otherwise it'll melts. Otherwise, you can use the mix obtained to freeze it in popsicle or ice cream moulds, and they'll be super tasty and at our disposal everytime we want them!

Es un postre para hacer y servir, pero si se desea podemos utilizar la mezcla para rellenar moldes de polos o helados y congelar, quedarán riquísimos y los tendremos siempre disponibles!

 Greetings! ;)


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