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The Txakoli White Wine

Spain is a Country extremely rich in wines, both in its Peninsular part and in its insular part. We'll talk in another occasion of the variety of wines produced in our beloved Canary Islands, for example the fruity white wines from Tenerife, amongst the best we've tried lately, but in this post we're gonna tell you about a a very charming white wine from the Pais Vasco, north of continental Spain. It's a slightly sparkling wine, very dry and with a fruity aftertaste, it's one of the wines that are increasingly conquering new markets due to its very noble taste: it's the Txakoli wine.

This wine is cultivated in the Pais Vasco, but also in other areas of Northern Spain, like Cantabria or around the city of Burgos. It was a traditional wine, in the past times many people cultivated Txakoli for his own use, and we have written documents demonstrating the existence of this wine since the XVIII century. Until 1980s it was in danger of extinction, until it received in 1989 the "Denominacion de Origen" quality mark, and have arisen since then.

We said that Txakoli has a really refined taste, and this character is exactly what in the Spanish wine production. What is most strange is perhaps the fact that's really like a mythical italian white wine, the Pinot Grigio from Piedmont. Yes, it looks like somewhat italian in taste. And that's what we like most too, since we're half italian and half spanish! The taste extremely dry and somewhat sparkling evolves leaving room to a sort of sweet, fruity note. It's a wine that needs time to be fully appreciated in its depth. It's a "talkative" wine, but requires silence to be heard. Its colour is quite pale, just like the Pinot Grigio, once more. It needs quality gastronomical products to be eaten with, for example we can advice you to drink it with traditional ripe cheeses, for example cheeses from La Mancha or Tuscany Pecorinos. Of course traditional cheeses from Canary Islands are a great choice too! It's the best if drank along with Pais Vasco's typical appetizers, called Pinxitos, we'll talk about them sometime!
strikes the wine lover that approach this delicious drink for the first time. It's nothing like the strong and proud red wines that Spain has always amused us with, it's like an
Drink it as you would drink it as if it were a Prosecco or a Chablis, just before dinner, and you'll see its taste fully developped.

What are you waiting for, then? Look for your bottle of Txakoli or Chacolis and enjoy the refined flavour of Pais Vasco!


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