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Roasted chicken with aromatic herbs recipe

Today chicken is one of the most used food worldwide, and everyone seems to like it, from children to grandparents, and its affordable price, its versatility, its nutritional value together with low fats makes him the king of gastronomy in many households. But like every other food, even chicken food had a begin.

Historically, we can say that man began the chicken breeding in the Indus Valley, some 4500 years ago. When commercial exchanges began, chicken started to being used as a food in also in Persia, and from there to Europe through German populations and then the Roman Empire. In that age, anyway, chicken was an exotic food, and it wasn't exactly a food for everyone.

In the Middle Ages, chicken was used in noblemen's banquets and celebrations, where they were cooked in many different ways but never divided into pieces: it was the host that divided it with his own hands for the guests to demonstrate his power and his strenght. In the tenth century in Europe chicken meat was still considered a food for noblemen, and vassals had to pay tributw with chickens to their feudal lords.

It was in the XV centuty, after the Spanish colonization, that chicken reached the newly discovered American continent, becoming a cornerstone of their gastronomy. But even in that period chicked was a food for celebrations and special occasions. Thanks to the technological and scientifical advances about hygiene, the chicken food consumption grew. After 1940s, chicked was no longer a luxury food and started being the everyday food we all know.

Today we want to share with you a very simple recipe, ideal for any occasion. Baked chicken is a classic, served with potatoes becomes an all time favourite!
You can use the aromatic herbs you prefer, I just tell you how we cooked it this time.


- 2 kg of chicken aprox. (legs or thighs) 

- small potatoes
- 1 spoonful ( 15 g. aprox.) of:
  • sweet pimenton
  • dehydrated garlic
  • dehydrated onion
  • Oregano
  • Lemon Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Honey
- Olive oil (5 spoonful aprox.)
- 1 lemon
- Salt (to taste)
- Black pepper (to taste)
- a clove of garlic ( optional)


1º- In a bowl put all spices together, aromatic herbs, honey and Dijon mustard. Then we squeeze the lemon juice inside (we can add the squeezed lemon to the bowl, just cut it into four pieces), we add a little bit of salt and pepper and we stir it all together, making a good dressing out of it.

2º- We add the pieces of the chicken to the bowl with the dressing and we dip it into the sauce. In the same bowl, we let it macerate covered with a plastic wrap in the fridge for between 30 minutes and an hour.

3º-  Then wash carefully the potatoes, since we bake them with their skin on. We cut them in halves or into four pieces, we put them in a bowl and we put a little bit of salt and pepper, we add a little bit of rosemary and a drizzle of olive oil (two spoonful approx.), we stir it all well and we put it aside.

4º- Preheat the oven at 200°C. Put the chicken pieces, the lemon and the potatoes together in an oven tray. If we prefer we can add a whole garlic with its skin on. We bake the chicked for some 50 minutes or an hour. If we prefer, halfway throught the baking we can turn the chicken on the other side so that it will be uniformly cooked.

Do not worry if it the chicken seems to becomes dark, it's not burned, that colour is given by the dressing. make a hole inside the potatoes to see if they're cooked, they will develop a sort of a tasty and toasted crust, and with all the flavour of our dressing.
These quantities are for some 4 or 5 people, we did not mention the quantity of potatoes, since it depends on everyone's choices and wishes. Together with chicken legs and chicken thighs, we can add chicken breast too, even if the latter becomes somewhat dry when baked. To help it to become more moist we can open it a drizzle lemon in it, or cut it into thinner pieces to bake it better.
This recipe is very versatile and we can adapt it to other kinds of meat dish, like rabbit  meat, lamb meat, pork rib, veal rib and so on. We warmly advise you to try it!

Enjoy it!


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