lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Fast homemade bread

Have you got two spare hours? If the answer is "yes", then I invite you to do this "fast bread".

The world of breads is really limitless, and step by step we'll bring you more and more recipes for you. But it may seems a world that needs skills or long lasting processes. Exactly for this reason, we want to start with fast breads that we can do without particular ingredients or day-lasting fermentation. Fall in love with the traditional bread! Get back to the true bread, a bread that tastes like bread and not what we can find in every mall everywhere. We've already published other kinds of breads, like the Mediterranean Bread. In this case, we won't bring you aromatized breads, since we have no starter, but we'll add flavours with the ingredients everyone will choose to add according his fantasy. Making bread at home is really fun, satisfactory and even relaxing. You can even use quality flour, a whole or cereal one,  to let the breads be even healthier...let's get started!

  • 550 g. of flour 
  • 275 ml.warm water
  • 10 g. of salt
  • 25 g.of fresh yeast
  • poppy seeds, oregano, sesame (you choose, it's for the decoration)

1º- Put the flour, the salt and the warm water in a bowl, then mix it all together until you obtain a dough, at this point we add the yeast, breaking it into small pieces with the fingers, and keep on mixing. The yeast is to be added to our dough later, otherwise our dough will over-ferment, and to avoid the contact between the yeast and the salt, because if so, the dough will not ferment at all.
2º- Our dough has to become elastic and have not to be sticky on our fingers. If needed, just add more water.
3º- In a surface covered with flour, use your dough to create a sort of ball, then make a cross on it (in order to be sure that the dough will not break when it will be put to rest a while) and let it rest with a kitchen towel for some 10-15 minutes.

The dough before the rest

the dough after the rest

4º- After that, flatten the dought with your hands, to take out all the air, and divide it into as many pieces as you want, we can do small balls of 45 grams each, we can do many mini baguettes, a single big decide! In my case, I've done many little breads, some with poppy seeds, others with oregano, others with pumpkin seeds, others with oat. I've done some oregano baguette, use your imagination!

Breads before the fermentation

5º- Once that you've finished the bread balls, wet the surface with water to let the seeds stick well. If you want to do a baguette, just use your rolling pin and press the dough and enroll it. Then jus add some cuts to the surface, and there you are!

Once our breads are ready, we'll put them in a tray to let them rest for about 30 minutes. It's preferable that you let them in a wet place, or you can also put it into the oven at 40° Celsius with a water bowl on the inside. In this way it will grow a lot!

enroll the pressed dough like this to obtain baguette

6º- When the rest is over, just pop the tray into the preheated oven at 180°C for about 20 or 25 minutes. We don't want them to become too golden brown, a trick to achieve that is to watch the bottom of the bread, if it starts to become golden brown, then it's ready ;)

Breads ready to go to the oven

It would be great if you eat them in the same days, but if not you can freeze them and then defrost them when you'll eat them, or put it out of the fridge some minutes before, then put it over a hob and it will be just great!

If you usually do bake breads, I would advice you to conserve a little bit of the dough into the fridge, and in this way we will have a sort of a starter that we can add to the dough in our next creation, giving it a better taste. In this case, instead of adding 550 grams of flour, we will add 500 grams of flour and 50 of  the starter dough.

These breads are just perfect for the breakfast, for a snack, for an "aperitivo" or even for homemade mini burgers. Try them how you prefer and tell us about them!

Greetings with loads of breads and happy flower month!


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