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Caramelized Onion

The caramelized onion is a delicious element that you can use with a countless number of dishes, that will give a different touch to everything, and everyone will surely like.
There are many ways you can obtain a home made caramelized onion, each one of which is economical and tasty. We'll tell you each recipe, do not worry. Today we will bring to you the one we usually choose, because it's really simple!



- Two middle sized onion (preferably dorata onion) .
- two spoonful of brown sugar (it can be white sugar, but brown sugar surely adds more flavour to it. Come on, try it!)
- Olive oil.
- One spoonful of vinegar (You can use the Modena balsamic vinegar, but every other vinegar will just be fine).


1. We peel and cut à la julienne the onion, or even in slices if you prefer.
2. In a pan on low/middle heat we add the olive oil, just a drizzle, and we put the onion to fry lightly. We stir a little bit until it becomes transparent. You can cover the pan to have a faster result.
3. At this point we add the sugar, and we stir a little bit more, to allow the sugar to get well incorporated, until it melts. We low the heat and stir approximately during 10 or 15 minutes (it depends on the uantity of onions you used). We don't want it to burn!
You will start noticing how the onion starts to stick to the bottom of the pan.
4. After that, we add a little bit of the vinegar you choosed, do not worry about pouring too much vinegar, because it will reduce on the heat...but you don't even want the onion to swim in  the Sea of Vinegars.
5. Increase the heat and stir for others 10 minutes, or until the vinegar reduced. You're looking for a sort of "mass", or our onion starts to become densier.
This step is known as "deglazing"", that is when we add some liquid in order to dissolve the cristals of the sugar that are stuck at the bottom of the pan, therefore getting their flavour.
6.Remove it from the heat and...let us eat! You can also let it cool and preserve it in a fridge in a closed box. It will last in perfect conditions at least for a week.

You can add the caramelized onion to meat dishes, to add to pizzas, puff pastry or quiche or salted tarts, for fish dishes, to add to hamburgers, to salads, veggies, bruschettas...you choose!

Have a great weekend!


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