domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Cabbage Wrap

Today we bring you a fast and easy recipe, great for a light dinner. In our house we eat it a lot, since you can prepare it in zero time, and furthermore is an healty and funny way to eat this great veggie, the cabbage.
The cabbage is a superb vegetable, healthy and rich, as others products like cauliflower or broccoli, in vitamine C, fibers and potassium. It's a well know anti-cancer vegetable and as a plus it gathers neither calories nor fats, and helps us lower our cholesterol and helps our cardio-vascular system....what else? Put more cabbages in your life!

This is a recipe that has fibers, vegetables, proteines, carbon hydrates and fats (olive oil), and therefore we can consider it a single course dish. We invite you to try it! We can also consider it a Vegan dish, by only adding the seitan instead of the tuna, and if we change the what tortilla with a corn tortilla, we can have a coeliacs dish!

Ingredients: (for 3 people)

- Half middle size green cabbage
- 1 onion
- 1 tuna tin ( you can change it with seitan)
- 15 ml aprox. of soy sauce
-Mexican wheat tortilla (the ones for fajitas)
- salt ( optional )
- olive oil

1º- Wash and cut à là julienne the cabbage, and put it aside. Cut the onion into dices, i like little dices.

2º- In a very hot pan, we put some olive oil, about as much as a dessert spoon, and when the oil will be hot, put in the pan the onion and start stirring. In this step, you can add a pinch of salt in order to fry the onion faster, but we advice you: do not add too much salt, the soya sauce is super salty too!

3º- When the onion starts to becomes transparent, put in the oven the cabbage. Stir every now and then, in order to perfectly incorporate the cabbage and the onion, and prevent them to stick to the bottom of the pan. Let it cook at middle-low heat. Do not overcook the cabbage, since the cabbage lose all its healthy properties when  cooked too much. You can cook it with steam too, but in this case we suggest you to fry it lightly.

4º- When we see that the cabbage starts to be enough fried, we add the tuna and we stir it all together.

5º- Add the soy sauce to our filling. You choose the quantity you like best, but do not add too much soy sauce, because it might be super salty. We usually use 15 ml.

6º- In another pan we prepare out tortillas, each side must be cooked. In just a matter of seconds, they will be ready to be filled with our mix, we fold them and there you have them!

- This filling can be adapted to diced zucchini, and it's excellent too! If you want to try it, just add it after the onion, fry it a little bit and then add the cabbage. You can add other veggies too, like peppers or eggplants, or champignon mushrooms too. You can add pieces of avocado in the last filling mix. You can add also some sauces in the folding step, but it won't be necessary, since you'll see how moist it will be!

Another option is to add the caramelized onion, but in this case I would not add soy sauce. Nothing else changes in this case.

I want to precise that this recipe must not be taken as a burrito recipe, since they are no related at all, and we just don't want to bother any of our Mexican friends and their gorgeous gastronomy! But, that said, you have to try it!  


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