domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Welcome to out bowl!

Hello World! Here we are! We are Angie and Tom, and this is our bowl! Here we'll mix the tastiest flavours with a touch of elegance. We're a couple, and we come from Lombardy (Tom, the cool guy) and from Canary Islands (Angie, the pretty Lady), and we love good food, the history of products and tastes, the home made, ancient traditions and we love like mad our different origins. We'll show you all this in our Blog-Bowl. Holding a wooden spoon, we'll show you what unifies everyone everywhere: sitting around a table loaded with heart-warming good food.

We'll mainly talk about Italian and Spanish cuisine, their similarities, their curiosities, their differences...both countries are gastronomical superpowers, but their cuisines are not so well known as they would deserves: pizza and pasta, or paella and tortilla are of course divine, but, trust us, there is a lot more! We'll take a trip around those two most beautiful countries and we'll discover that here the culture and the history define every single corner, and this reflects in the gastronomy: let's discover it in this north to south trip.

Ideas, curiosities and a little pinch of history about the most appreciated artistical genre worldwide: the Cuisine! Wines, cheeses, cafes, habits, traditions...everything's just right for our Bowl. Let's have a sit inside, and enjoy!

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